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A Cleantech Startup based out of Pune India incorporated in Oct 2016. Involved in Design & Development of Innovative Solar trackers to lower the cost of energy.

Our newly designed & patented: Sun Captor® ITSAT individually tilted single axis solar tracker technology; has latitude based equatorial axis tracking movement East to West with ± 45° and North to South up to 35° latitude based individual solar panel tilt. With these flexibilities in movements the tracker always makes the angle of incidence of sun radiation on solar PV module close to perpendicular position resulting in ~40% more efficiency of the solar plant.

This technology is an enhanced and completely new technology, which replaces and disrupts existing Single Axis Tracking technology. It is a Next Generation solar tracker, which offers the yield close to Dual Axis tracker at a cost of Single Axis tracker. Hence, making it most economically viable tracking technology in the world.

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